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About Louchia

Louchia was born and raised in Moldova, west of the Black Sea, between Romania and Ukraine.


She was raised in a family of famous musicians. Her father, Sergei Ciuhrii, is an internationally renowned composer, People’s Artist of Moldova and her mother Olga Ciuhrii was a nationally renowned singer.  At the age of 6, Louchia was studying ballet and gymnastics.  For 8 years, she was dancing at children’s Dance Company of Moldova “Sperantca”.  At age 16, she entered professional dance college of the National Folk Ballet of Moldova, “Jok “.  For 3 years, Louchia trained in Classical Ballet, Folk and Character Dance: Moldavian, Russian, Gypsy, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian styles.


Louchia holds a bachelor’s degree in Dance and Performing Arts, with focus on Dance Choreography. She also has a degree in Fashion Design from LATTC, and Interactive Media from Academy of Entertainment, Los Angeles.


As soon as she moved to the US, she started working as a dancer in the international dance show at the Arbat Golden Palace. Later, she worked as a lead dancer for “Alex Kalinin Dance Theatre” and “Aman” folk dance company. For 9 years, she was a lead dancer for the Pars National Ballet with a well-renowned choreographer from Iran, Abdullah Nazemi.


Louchia then moved on to spend 16 years with Jillina’s Sahlala Dancers, 9 of these years, Louchia was also a principal dancer for internationally acclaimed dance company Bellydance Evolution (BDE).  BDE is the company behind famous shows performed all over the world.  As a lead dancer, Louchia was ”Aphrodite” in “Immortal Desires”, as ”Princess Sharnaz” in “Dark Side of the Crown”, and as “Duchess” in “Alice in Wonderland”.



Louchia’s work and choreography was also used in an award winning film “Virginity” in 2014.


Louchia has  performed for celebrity birthday parties such as for BILL GATES, NANCY REAGAN, USHER, STEVEN SEAGAL and many others.  Louchia has appeared on “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.



Louchia’s performances as a co-star can be seen in multiple dance videos:
  • Flex Appeal, Belly Dance Workout with Kathy Smith, Kathy Smith Production 2004
  • Bellydance Divas, Natural Journeys 2002
  • Bellydance Fitness for Weight Loss with Rania. Natural Journeys 2004
  • Bellydance Divas, Natural Journeys 2002
  • Belly Dance ConnectionHollywood Music Center 2006
  • The Exotic Art of Belly DanceHollywood Music Center 2006
  • Belly Dance Work out with Jillina 2007
Louchia’s other performances include:
  • 2017 Nowrooz Festival in Houston, organized by Iranian Cultural Foundation
  • World famous Gypsy Festival “Khamoro” In Czech Republic and Poland in 2006 and 2007.
Louchia has worked for many years and immersed herself in the Persian community in Los Angeles.  She has participated in Nowooz and Mehrigan festivals and was also featured in many Persian music videos of Behzad, Mahmoud, Shohleh,  Atta, Davood Bahboodi, Morteza, Serjik and Miras. For many years she appeared on Tasvir IRAN TV in Los Angeles as a guest star.


Louchia has performed and choreographed dances all over the world, including the United States, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Indonesia, South Korea, Poland, Slovenia, Italy,, Morocco, Taiwan, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.



Louchia has come to be known as one of the most skilled and knowledgeable dancers and choreographers, and her classes have always been well attended by artists and dancers pursuing dance careers around the world.