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Silkroad Dance

The dances of the region of “silk road” reflect the rich legacy of many indigenous and foreign cultures, who were involved in both commerce and conquest.  The dance includes elements of the regions of Afghanistan, Armenia, Persia (modern Iran and Azerbaijan), Western Turkestan (modern Uzbekistan and Tajikistan), China, India, Arabia, Mongolia and Turkey, which all lie on the ‘silk road’.

Afghani Female Dance is sweet and ultra-feminine, with musical gesticulations and distinct rhythms.

Uzbek and Tajik Central Asian dance highlights upper torso motion; with the hands, arms and face being especially expressive. Wrist circles, hand undulations and dynamic arm patterns create intricate spatial patterns around the body and overhead. Dramatic descents, kneeling, graceful ascents, spins and turns epitomize the style.

Armenian Classical Dance involves learning to sedate walk, dipping occasionally and executing quick three-quarter turns repeatedly. The walk is almost a glide similar to the Georgian manner of “floating”, like an illusion of ice skating along the floor. Armenian Folk Dance is very dynamic and energetic, strong, with sturdy kicks, leg lifts, small jumps, stamps and sharp footwork.


Skill Level:  Available for All levels

Class time:  By Appointment Only

Available: Available 7 days a week

From: 8 am – 10 pm

Location: Louchia’s Studio or Online (Video Conference)



Date: May 16, 2020 - May 1, 2025
Time: -
Venue: Louchia’s Home Studio
Address: Colorado drive
Organizer Name: Louchia
Phone: +1-323-800-2707